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Based on bank data we offer personalized, value-adding services and recommendations to your customers and gain access to game changing customer insights.



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Integration in your system

We build a white label platform in your corporate design with minimal integration effort or integrate the technology into your existing interface via APIs.


Your customers sign up to benefit from recommendations

Your customers share their bank data and opt-in to receive real value through beneficial recommendations. Based on insights gained from bank data, we offer multiple personalized recommendations, such as higher valued gift cards, cash-backs, rewards, contract and subscription optimization as well as hints for saving potential.


We run internal services and maintain over 120 partners to optimize users’ financial situation

We maintain and operate the service for you: our technology analyzes earnings and spending to identify consumer patterns and predict life-events. In addition, we operate an advertiser network of over 120 value adding partners to power recommendations to your customers.


We consult you on how to leverage and utilize bank account data for your future success

Your business benefits from increased customer engagement, lifetime value, satisfaction and access to customer bank data. You gain major insights that will revolutionize your business.

We transform personal bank account data into value-adding recommendations


Increase customer satisfaction and engagement

Customers appreciate the benefits of relevant and personalized value-adding recommendations, such as higher valued gift cards, cash-backs, rewards, contract and subscription optimizations.

Corporates, in return, gain event-based and frequent customer touchpoints.

Gain access to strategically valuable banking data

Purchasing behavior reveals your customers’ needs in the most predictable way and at the right time.

Optimize your marketing based on better understanding of your user base.

Benefit from significant customer insights

Understand how and when your customers spend their money.

Predict relevant life events.

Understand usage & share of wallet of competitors.

Calculate scores and risk profiles.

Increase customer lifetime value and drive revenue from data

By creating tailored recommendations for your customers, you are able to cross- and upsell your product portfolio at the right time and in the right context.

You earn commission with every successful recommendation.

Safeguard against rising competition

Leave your competition behind by investing into strategic bank data.

Safeguard against the risk of losing your customer interface.

Numbers why we rock

Numbers why we rock


Data security is our upmost priority

We are a registered Account Information Service Provider (AISP) approved and supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

We have a gateway to all relevant banks throughout Europe and obtain highest standard of security and compliance to fully satisfy our business clients.

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